Meade Lightbridge Accessories

Sky Commander Digital Setting Circles

XP-4 Flash v 5.02

Sky Commander Computer

Lightbridge Hardware Set

* User programmable up to 30,000 objects

* Currently there are ten popular astronomical catalogs available for download with more to come

The new Flash 4 Sky Commander transforms your telescope into an efficient observing tool.  Locate and identify objects within seconds, even in light polluted skies.  Spend valuable observing hours at the eyepiece instead of hunting objects. "Zero-in" the telescope to celestial objects.  Just move the scope until the "difference reading" of the object you selected is zero.  It's just that easy!  Identify unknown objects in a real time search and identify mode.  Any object within 0.5 degrees is identified and displayed instantly.  Other features include 32 character super twist LCD information display with backlight dimmer control, battery monitor, magnitude filter.  Best of all, the Flash 4 uses the simple, time tested two star alignment.  The Sky Commander has an extensive 16,000 object data base including NGC, Messier, UGC, IC, planets and 200 programmable objects.  Complete with computer, 10,000 step encoders, custom made cables and mounting hardware.

The Flash 4 Sky Commander is supplied with a computer interface cable, manual can be downloaded from


Lightbridge DSC installation addendum


Catalog Size 16,000, upgradeable to 30,000+   Search Mode, Constellation Yes
Processor 8 bit 68HC11   Search Mode, Radius Yes, 0.5 degree
User Catalog Yes   Catalog by Name Yes, Double Stars
Display 32 character LCD, yellow Green   Planet Position Yes, better that 0.1 arc minute
Display Brightness Settings 3   Equatorial Platform Compatible Yes
Display RA/DEC or ALT/AZ   Platform Two Star Align Yes
Display Resolution 0.1 deg, upgradeable to 0.01 deg.   Polar EQ Mode Yes
Display Heater Yes   Realign on Object Yes
Sidereal Timer Yes   Serial Support Yes
Encoder Resolution 10,000, upgradeable to 32,767   ServoCat Support Yes
Encoder Test Mode Yes (in upgrade)   Sky Tracker Support Yes
Encoder Mode Display Yes, (via RS-232)   Weight 8 oz
Encoder Sample Rate 2000/sec. (moving) 1000/sec. stationary   Battery Monitor Yes
Search Mode, Magnitude Yes   Power 9V  gives ~40 hours operation


Complete Set Flash 4 computer, 10,000 encoders, cable set, serial interface cable, mounting hardware set 4 $499.00 4 lbs.
Flash 4 Computer Computer only $299.00 1 lb.
Encoder 10,000 step with low profile w/phone plug module $80.00 1/2 lb.
Computer Cable Planetarium Software Interface Cable 12' or 20' $15.00 1 lb.
Hardware Set 4 Lightbridge  (included with complete set)  state size $70.00 2 lbs.
Stalk Mount Shelf/Stalk  $109.00 4 lbs.


Lightbridge 10" shown with 

Sky Commander Digital Setting Circles

 and optional stalk/shelf


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The following astronomy programs (and others) for the PC, and some Mac, support communications with the Sky Commander:

"The Sky"

"Megastar 5.0"

"Guide 8.0"

"Earth Centered Universe"

"Sky Tools 2"

"Sky Map Pro 10"

"Starry Night Pro"

"AstroPlanner by iLanga Inc."

Dew Guard


9V battery operation


AstroSystems amazing Dew Guard secondary mirror heating system automatically senses the air temperature and the mirror temperature, then maintains the secondary at a preset (adjustable) temperature above the ambient air temperature.  Gently warms the secondary at 2-4 watts when on full.  The DG-1 has 4 evenly spaced contact points for optimal thermal distribution.  Uses any external 9-15 volt dc supply or you can run on a 9v battery mounted at the holder, eliminating the need for wires across the spider.  Note: 9V rechargeable NiCd or NiMH batteries will not work, they are only 7.2-8.4V and have low capacity, rechargeable Lithium cells are 9V and will function properly.


Note: The secondary holder and mirror will need to be shipped to Astrosystems for installation.


Lightbridge 8", 10", 12"    Dew Guard 1 plus installation $54        Shipweight 2 lbs.

Lightbridge 16"    Dew Guard 2 plus installation $59        Shipweight 2 lbs.

Remote battery pack installation kit $19.00    Shipweight 1 lb.

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Light Shroud

10" Lightbridge with with lycra light/heat shroud

The Lycra/Nylon blend shroud that is standard equipment on the TeleKit is available separately for retrofitting to other truss telescopes.  This material will not loose its stretch and has excellent form fitting characteristics.  It has a silky, semi-gloss black exterior and a flat black interior.  The shrouds are fade and dew resistant and have an elastic band sew in to each end.  The shroud eliminates stray light and more importantly, it keeps turbulent warm air from crossing into the optical path.

Lightbridge 8", 10"               $54.00

Lightbridge 12"                    $65.00        Shipweight 2 lbs.

Lightbridge 16"                    $80.00        Shipweight 2 lbs.

Field Cover

Safely awaiting dark

Effectively cover your Lightbridge at star parties and in storage.  This white, 400 denier, polyurethane coated nylon fabric will reflect the sun, resists dust and moisture and is long-lasting.  Our cover allows positioning in the horizontal when not being used so that high winds won't knock them over.  It has a draw cord at the bottom to give a snug fit around the bottom of the rockerbox.  A sturdy 1" nylon strap is provided to attach a weight to the top end, keeping the wind from standing the scope up or turning it into a cosmic weathervane.  The water and dust resistant polyurethane inner coating rounds out a complete protection package for extended observing sessions in the bush.  The cover exterior is sprayed with a water repellant to add further protection from the elements.  The Newtonian cover comes with a storage bag and secondary mirror cover, both with draw pulls.  Worth every penny in strength, longevity and protection.  The AstroSystems cover is not intended for continuous outdoor exposure.  To retain the maximum water repellency, it is necessary to respray the cover once a year with silicone water repellant.  A 12 oz. aerosol can will spray a 10/12" NS cover 4-5 times.


Lightbridge 8", 10", 12"    Cover Size 10/12 NS           $96.00        Shipweight 8 lbs.

Lightbridge 16"                Cover Size 16 N                $114.00        Shipweight 10 lbs.


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