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Telrad with base and batteries


Telrad shown on 2" riser (L) and 4" (R)


The Telrad  is a 1 power reflex sight.  Look through the Telrad and move the telescope until the red illuminated rings are centered on the object.  Fast, easy and foolproof.  This accessory takes the pain out of finding celestial objects.  Recommended for beginners through advanced astronomers.  The Telrad runs on 2AA batteries which will power the Telrad an amazing 500 hours.  Supplied base attaches to telescope with screws or foam tape.

$46.00, ShipWeight 3 lbs.

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Risers for Telrad

Raise the sight glass of the Telrad for more comfortable viewing on some scopes. Telrad risers are available in 2" and 4" height. The normal Telrad line of sight is 4.25" above the tube, the 2" riser increases that to 6.5" and the 4" riser increases that to 8.5" above the tube.

$19.00, either size ShipWeight 1 lb.

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Spare Base for Telrad

Use one Telrad on different scopes with and extra base.

$9.00, ShipWeight 1/2 lb.

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The QuickFinder features small size, 1.2" x 1.2" x 5" tall and weight, 3 oz. Projects a 1/2 and 2 degree red circle. Pulsed or continuous with variable illumination. Comes with two bases, extended viewing AA battery pack.

$55.00, ShipWeight 1lb.  With extra capacity AA battery pack

Extra Base $7.00

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