Customer TeleKits

Here are some of our satisfied customers and their new telescopes.  
If you have a TeleKit send in your pictures by e-mail or mail, and you too can have your TeleKit shown here.


Click on the name for a link to the full sized photo.

16" Telekit at Rocky Mountain N.P. 16" f/4.8
Charlie Banda 18" f/4.5
Bob Brayden 18" f/4.5
Bill Butler 16" f/5.1
Ralph Buehlmaier 18" f/4.5
Billie Chandler 25" f/5
Mike Cook 22" f/5

Eric Ebner 13.1" f/4.5
Jim Edlin 28" f/3.6SFL

John Fisanotti 16" f/4.5

Gary Garzone 30" f/5
Alan Gorski 14.5" f/5
Shaun Grove 16" f/5.9
Keith Ikerd 18" f/5
Tom James 16" Chaffey High School 16" f/4.5
William Jones 14.5" f/5
Bob Kepple 22" f/4.5
Craig Kollander 18" f/4
Hugh Masterson 18" f/4.5
Len Philpot 14.5" f/4.5
Keith Pool 17.5" f/4.5
David Reynolds 16" f/4.8
David Russ 20" f/4.5  10" f/5
Doug Scobel 16" f4.5

Eric Shelton 18" f/5
Richard Spina's 16" at Mt. Pinos 16" f/4.5

Eagle Nebula

Lagoon Nebula

Trifid Nebula

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