Laser Collimator with Barlow Attachment

Laser and Barlow attachment Image of return primary center spot

Indispensable for fast and convenient collimation of Newtonians!   You will wonder how you ever lived without one.   Our unique collimator uses a 635nm, 3.5mW, class IIIA red diode laser that is very easy to see and safe.  Collimate either day or night!  You'll be able to collimate your telescope mechanically and optically.  Also allows you to diagnose loose or misaligned parts.     The body is CNC machined from solid aircraft aluminum, then gold anodized.  The handy Barlow lens is magnetically attached to the laser.  The Barlowed laser achieves the accuracy of Cheshire collimator with the ease and simplicity of a laser collimator in three easy steps.


Step 1.  Mechanically position the optical components and supports (need only be done once) using the laser in single beam mode.

Step 2.  Adjust the tilt of the secondary mirror to center laser spot in the primary mirror center ring, using the laser in single beam mode.

Step 3.  Attach the concave lens "Barlow" to the laser and adjust tilt of the primary.  The return image is a silhouette of the primary mirrors center ring.  

            It  is easy to see and accurately center on the white reflective cap.


Axial beam lasers are subject to minor centering errors on the return spot from the primary mirror that can be difficult to detect.  These minor errors can make a substantial difference in achieving accurate collimation on shorter (f/4.5 or less) telescopes.  When using a Barlowed laser, it is possible to achieve 20 thousandths of an inch centering or better on the return beam.  This is usually precise enough collimation for general observing, but can be followed up with our autocollimator for tack sharp images.   A thorough 12 page instruction booklet is included as well as the 2 AA batteries on which it operates.

2.00" Astrosystems Barlowed Laser   $144.00     ShipWeight 3 lbs.

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"I received my laser/Barlow on Friday.  I got a chance to try it on Friday night and this thing is awesome.  There is absolutely no slop in the focuser at all.  This was my first time using the Barlowed laser method and I am totally sold on this method.  Your laser is top-notch and I would recommend it to anyone.

Ronny F.  Chattanooga, TN  

Astronomy magazine says:   "The beauty of the laser collimator lies in its convenience and versatility.  Coupled with its other uses, the laser collimator is a highly useful accessory for any observer."  April 1995 Astronomy, page 82.

Sky and Telescope magazine says:   "The time needed to collimate a medium sized Newtonian was greatly reduced and the laser collimator is more than a new wrinkle or a jazzy toy; it is a precision diagnostic tool that fills a long-standing need of Newtonian telescope users."  February 1996 Sky and Telescope, page 44.

"The Barlowed laser works in an entirely different way than the standard laser.  Rock the drawtube gently, move it in or out, or tighten the screw that locks the Barlowed laser in the drawtube.  Where the beam from the normal laser collimator danced around, the silhouette of the mirror spot is rock steady.   Sky and Telescope magazine, January 2003 Page 124

AstroSystems Barlowed Laser Instructions (PDF)


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