Ostahowski Optics

Located in Anza, California, Terry Ostahowski , has over 30 years experience in fabrication of optics.  Ostahowski Optics offers  PYREX low expansion glass and Fused Silica zero expansion in 8 inch to 24 inch sizes and f/3.9-f/6.  All Optics are guaranteed to be completely diffraction limited (including obstruction).  The Pyrex substrates are precision annealed and ground flat on the back.  Every primary mirror is expertly beveled and free from chips, front and back.    All primary mirror is examined with a 1000X with a precision pinhole to ensure a  surface free of revolution and astigmatism.  All mirrors are marked with the focal length and enhanced (96%) aluminum coatings are standard.  Ostahowski optics offers a 60 day money back policy on the figure and 1 year warranty on coatings.  A highly accurate Perkin Elmer interferometer is used to fabricate optics and an interferometric analysis is supplied with each optic.  951-763-5959



Galaxy Optics

Located in Buena Vista, Colorado, Galaxy Optics has a long outstanding reputation as a first class optical company.  Galaxy uses precision, annealed PYREX low expansion glass, with certs and offers sizes 18-25.  All Optics are guaranteed to be completely diffraction limited (including obstruction) with a maximum  RMS wave front error of .076 at 632nm over a clear aperture greater than 97%.  Workmanship is lifetime guaranteed.  Galaxy also does all mirror coating in house.  Galaxy also includes a highly accurate interferometric analysis with every mirror. 719-395-8242



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