AstroSystems Upper Truss Fasteners

The four upper truss fasteners are made from Baltic Birch plywood with easy quick-release cam levers and stainless steel hardware.  These fasteners attach two poles together, allowing for reduced setup time.  The mounting block is slotted, which allows you to set the cage on the fastener and clamp it tight.  The cam lever is black anodized aluminum.  These fasteners will accommodate 0.75", 1" or 1.25" tubing (please specify).  For use on telescopes up to 22".  Greater accuracy than clamps, set of four.

Truss Diameter Price Ship Weight
0.75", 1", 1.25" $89 4 lb.

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AstroSystems Lower Truss Fasteners

Shown in an unfinished mirror box for clarity

Hardware assembled

Astrosystems lower truss fasteners are simple, easy to install and positively locate the truss.  The bracket has a pocket the knob drops into, securely locating the truss.  Will not slip due to temperature changes like friction style fasteners.  These are a necessity for short f/ratio telescopes and are standard on all TeleKits and SFL TeleKits.  They are not angle dependant, use with any focal length.  These fasteners will accommodate the following truss material:

 0.75" x 0.035" wall thickness

1.0" x 0.049" wall thickness

1.25" x 0.049" wall thickness

1.5" x 0.049" wall thickness

 For use on telescopes up to 36".  Only a stainless steel truss head screw is exposed on the exterior of the mirror box.  All hardware is included for 8 trusses plus full instructions.


Specify truss diameter, wall thickness and mirror box wall thickness.

Set of 8 Lower Truss Fasteners with hardware 3/4" truss     $110.00    ShipWeight 2 lb.

Set of 8 Lower Truss Fasteners with hardware 1" truss        $114.00    ShipWeight 2 lb.

Set of 8 Lower Truss Fasteners with hardware 1.25" truss   $119.00    ShipWeight 2 lb.

Set of 8 Lower Truss Fasteners with hardware 1.5" truss     $124.00    ShipWeight 2 lb.

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