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Fast f/ratio TeleKits f/3.3-f/3.9
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Fast f/ratio Specialty Products
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TeleKit, build your own

Truss Tube Dob

Short Focal Length TeleKits f/3-f/3.9
Short Focal Length Specialty Products Spiders / Secondary Holders/Cassegrain Holders
2" Laser Collimator with Barlow 1.25" & 2" Autocollimator
1.25" & 2" LightPipe/Sightube Covers
Digital Setting Circles / Hardware / Encoders Drive Accessories, Power Feedthrough, Round Groundboards
Light Shrouds Dew Guard - secondary mirror dew removal
Primary Mirrors Secondary Mirrors
Eyepiece Adapters PTFE Bearings / Pivot Kit
Reflex Finders Truss Fasteners, Upper and Lower
Mirror Cell Cooling Fan System ServoCAT GOTO Drive
Round Groundboard



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